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Founded in 1997 by Bhupinder Anand ACII Dip PFS, who started his career in the Financial Services Profession in the 1980s.

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Only a year after starting, the company was awarded "Best IFA in The Capital" by the Evening Standard newspaper, and since then the company has continued to add to its achievements.  Please see our 'Award Winning Advice' page for details of our awards and other unique credentials.

For example, Bhupinder Anand has twice been awarded 'IFA of the Year'.

Our team of specialists and experts, supported by qualified administrators, all share the enthusiasm of being one of the UK's Best Independent Financial Advisers.   Our advisers have an average of at least 25 years experience in the Financial Services Profession.

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Meet The Team



Bhupinder Anand (ACII, DipPFS)
Managing Director &
Financial Architect


20 years with Anand Financial
29 years in Financial Services


Bhu                   Natalie Richardson                                     natalie@anandassociates.com

 20 years with Anand Financial





Sally Sturgess

New member of the Team




Daisy Anand

20 years with Anand Financial

Your First Meeting is at our Expense

The briefing stage of our Wealth Architecture Program ( see our process chart here )
is an opportunity for us to get to know you better and for us both to assess if we would like to work together.

 In this meeting we’ll help you get a better understanding of what financial issues you need to be considering.  

We'll also simplify your financial future by busting through a lot of the jargon that exists in this profession.

And then we’ll quote a fixed price before moving to the next step, with no obligations.

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