Anand Financial Architecture, Managing Director, Bhupinder Anand is a world renowned public speaker, with audiences of up to 12,000.

He is in huge demand as a keynote speaker at conferences all around the globe, particularly training other advisers on how to run a successful, client-focussed, financial advisory business.

This gives Bhupinder a distinctive insight into global trends and opportunities and demonstrates that Anand Associates Wealth is no ordinary financial advisory firm.

Advisers around the world look to Bhupinder to share ideas on how what Anand Associates Wealth does can be applied to their businesses.

If you are an adviser or run a financial services sales team, then please contact Bhupinder on bhupinder@anandassociates com to discuss what he can do for you to improve what you do for your clients.

You can also download Bhupinder's complete Introductory Pack here for more details, including past engagements, sample speeches and numerous testimonials.

You can also view some of Bhupinder's speeches here:

The Power of Words
Being a Financial Architect
That's Interesting, Tell me More

For details of Bhupinder's up and coming speaking engagements please contact us on: 020 7486 5486.


“Bhupinder's presentation was incredible. I wish more of my associates had been able to hear it. I thought it was excellent. I have listened to the CD of the presentation 3 times so far!!” Tom Stow, Unum Povident

"Information packed day that I know will move my practise to a higher level. Well worth the time, travel and cost. Will definitely recommend to others." Bob

"Having attended a previous event at which Bhupinder was one of the presenters, I felt confident that his Advisor Master Class would be a truly rewarding experience. I was not disappointed. His motivational, relationship-building, and practice management ideas are outstanding and many of them are easily transferable to almost any type of practice." Alan

Some photos of Bhupinder on stage around the world:

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