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Client Experience Survey

If you are an existing client of Anand Financial Architecture, we would appreciate if you would take a few minutes to complete our Client Experience Survey.

Anand Financial Architecture Ltd endeavours to provide both excellent advice and follow-up service.  Whilst we take our regulatory obligations seriously, to ensure that we provide you with robust and relevant advice, we also aim for you to enjoy the experience of engaging in our creative Wealth Architecture process.

We have a renowned global reputation and we wish to not only maintain this but constantly enhance it.

Having said that, we realise that there is always room for improvement and so we would like your help.  Your feedback by answering the following questions will be valued and appreciated and will go towards making our proposition even stronger.


Full name

Who is your Financial Architect?

Were the Anand Financial Architecture Financial Architects and staff courteous in their dealings with you?

Yes No Not Sure

Do you feel that they clearly explained the type of solution(s) recommended and/or products(s) that you took out, including any disadvantages?

Yes No Not Sure

Do you feel that the advice given was both competent and appropriate?

Yes No Not sure

Were you made fully aware of the initial and ongoing costs of any product(s) taken out?

Yes No Not Sure

Was the solution recommended and any product(s) taken out relevant to your needs?

Yes No Not sure

Were you fully made aware of any fees (or commissions) which Anand Financial Architecture would receive from either yourself or the product provider (if any)?

Yes No Not sure

If any investment product was taken out, do you feel that Anand Financial Architecture clearly explained the relationship between risk and reward and how this related to your own attitude to risk?

Yes No Not sure

Is it important for you to have regular contact with Anand Financial Architecture to review your finances?

Yes No Not sure

If you answered yes to the question directly above, where you made aware of the Maintenance Programme?

Yes No Not sure

Did you receive a copy of the 'Important Information About Our Services' document, so that, should a complaint arise, you are aware of your rights to complain and to whom this should be made?

Yes No Not sure

Were any documents you received clear and accurately reflected exactly what was discussed with your Financial Architect?

Yes No Not sure

If you are happy with the advice provided, would you be willing to help our business grow by your Financial Architect asking you to facilitate some introductions to friends and family members who could benefit from similar advice?

Yes No Not sure

Please use the section below to make any observations, positive or negative, which you feel may help us to improve our level of service.  Please also use this space if you would like to give us a Testimonial.

Thank you for taking your time in completing this questionnaire.  If at any time, you feel you have further comments or guidance to give us, we very much welcome you contacting us.


Your First Meeting is at our Expense

The briefing stage of our Wealth Architecture Program ( see our process chart here )
is an opportunity for us to get to know you better and for us both to assess if we would like to work together.

 In this meeting we’ll help you get a better understanding of what financial issues you need to be considering.  

We'll also simplify your financial future by busting through a lot of the jargon that exists in this profession.

And then we’ll quote a fixed price before moving to the next step, with no obligations.

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