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What We Do...

We provide a refreshing alternative to the product-focussed approach taken by most financial advisers.  Instead, we focus on your specific needs and offer a genuine long term relationship.

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We describe ourselves as 
'Financial Architects'

We help you to design and create your future financial home.

This home represents your future dreams and aspirations, each room perhaps representing a personal goal or aspiration.

Then, we will look for the right financial furniture to furnish this home; the financial furniture to give you the comfort that your goals and aspirations for you and your family can be achieved.

We find that most clients come to us having accumulated different types of financial furniture, but little of it with any strategy or coherency.  We think that's strange - you wouldn't buy furniture before you bought a house, but people do that with financial furniture.

We'll take a look at the financial furniture that you have already accumulated and see if it fits into the financial home that we've designed together.  If it does, we'll keep it.  But if it doesn't, we'll try to improve it or upgrade it if it's no longer suitable; you wouldn't usually keep antique furniture in a modern contemporary home!

And, just like a house needs good maintenance to keep it in good condition, so does your financial home.  As part of our ongoing relationship, we'll regularly review both your financial home and your financial furniture to keep it in good order.  We want to ensure that it remains appropriate to your changing circumstances, your revised goals and your updated needs.

Talk to us now about designing your financial home for you.

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Our Services

We help you to build, maximise, and preserve wealth whilst providing financial security.

We offer independent holistic financial planning advice to clients with the economic capacity and mental capacity to take advantage of our ideas, creativity and lifetime relationship that we offer.

We aim to provide a very different, personalised experience than any other IFA.

If you run a business or earn at least six-figures, we are also specialist tax advisers – we step in after the accountants have done their job to show you legitimate ways of reducing your tax bills.

Our Financial Architects are also able to provide advice on Wills and Trusts; please note that this advice is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and is provided by Anand Wills & Trust Ltd.

Bhupinder Anand is globally recognised as one of the leading public speakers in financial services.  He has been keynote speaker at major conferences all around the world, training other financial advisers, with audiences up to 12,000 people.   See here for more details.  Click here to view a video.

He is also author of "Smashing the Glass Ceiling", a motivational book that has helped many people to reach new levels of success in their life.

Smashing the Glass Ceiling

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Wealth Architecture™ 

This is the process through which your unique experience with us progresses.

We believe in absolute transparency at every stage. 

That is, transparency as to what we can and cannot do and also what we expect from you as part of our lifetime relationship.  It is also about being clear as to what our fees are for each step and agreeing these before proceeding to the next stage. 

We'll always agree our fees with you before you become committed.   We love what we do and we want you to enjoy working with us as much as our existing clients do.

Click Here for more details of our Wealth Architecture™ process.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Income Tax, Will Writing and Inheritance Tax Planning.

Your First Meeting is at our Expense

The briefing stage of our Wealth Architecture Program ( see our process chart here )
is an opportunity for us to get to know you better and for us both to assess if we would like to work together.

 In this meeting we’ll help you get a better understanding of what financial issues you need to be considering.  

We'll also simplify your financial future by busting through a lot of the jargon that exists in this profession.

And then we’ll quote a fixed price before moving to the next step, with no obligations.

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