An IFA's Perspective on Bhupinder's Input to The Financial Industry

"I would just like to say that your articles in the pink Money Marketing, offer a refreshing change from the usual boring, moaning and technically challenging ones.  It does seem that articles such as yours are very few and far between as it is not the done thing to talk about selling and supplying a basic need to widows and orphans.

Your articles actually enthuse about our industry and I was interested about your MDRT meeting - I think we all tend to be too serious and we need to take things into perspective.

Keep up the good work".

Mr S. J. Wilkinson.

Mr & Mrs D

To the brilliant team of Anand Associates, just a little note to say thank you very much for all your help and an excellent result!

Best wishes

Mr & Mrs D

Judges Opinion, Financial Adviser Of The Year, 2003

Bhupiner Anand wins IFA of the Year 2003

The overall winner was clearly the best of what was a very good list of competitors.  He took great pains to take the client through the various options available and his presentation was well structured and thought through.

It was clear to the judges that he would take this approach with all of his clients, who should be very pleased with this level of service.

Taken from "Financial Adviser IFA & Provider Awards 2003" published by Financial Adviser Newspaper.

Judges Opinion, Financial Adviser Of The Year, 1995

Bhupiner Anand wins IFA of the Year 1995

Bhupinder Anand, winner of Planned Savings IFA of the year award or 1995, was clearly an outstanding entrant in his chosen category of retirment planning for the self-employed.

The judges were impressed not only by his technical expertise, but his excellent written presentation.  Anand has shot to the top of his profession in a very short time; he has only been an IFA for 14 months.  Anand is undoubtedly highly motivated and ambitious. 

Anand approaches each of his clients with a clean sheet.  If someone comes to him asking for a pension, he sets out to establish that that is the full extent of their needs.  "They might find they need a pension, but that critical illness cover is more important," he says, "it's wrong for us just to react to cients: we need to be proactive." 

Taken from "Planned Savings IFA of the Year Awards 1995."

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